Vivian Osal
Reiki Master, Akashic Record Consultant, Past Life Regression

I am Vivian Osal, Spiritual Teacher, Trance Channeler, and Intuitive Energy Healer. I offer Integrated Sessions and use my gifts in Reiki, Akashic Record, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Counselling and more, to assist you to reconnect with your heart.

I will guide you to heal emotions, shift patterns, find clarity, and tap into Universal Intelligence. I facilitate a healing space for you to advance your spiritual and emotional life. I am excited to mentor you on a conscious journey to connect with the Creator within. The universe is here to embrace you; you will learn who you are.


Embark on your journey

Learn and implement new insights and tools for you to create your own path.
My purpose is to serve as guide and companion in your journey. My approach is to guide you to a place of calm and clarity, aligned with the highest good of the source of who you are.

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We can work together with…

  • An open mind and open heart.
  • Infinite potential of energy to create more abundance in life.
  • Tools to reprogram limiting behavioural and thought patterns.
  • To purpose of moving away from fear and towards freedom !
  • Universal Intelligence to balance and align with results you wish to create.
  • Your Higher Self and receive spiritual guidance for your life’s journey.

Where do i go from here?

Read client stories describing their experiences during and outcomes after their sessions.

I invite to explore my services to heal, nourish and expand your mind, body, and spirit.

Connect with me and let me know how I may be of service.

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Transformational Packages

Take the first step. Set your intentions. Together we assemble a unique plan to light your path. I serve to listen, navigate and inspire. Challenge your perception. Connect with your light. Ignite imagination and manifest with Cosmic Mind.

Engage with the present

Ignite Package

Life Balance

Renewal Package

Awaken to your best self

Evolve Package