Healing Energy Transmission

Come and sit closer to yourself.

For a very long while, you have been inching away. As if your slow movements were not being noticed, but they have been. You have been caught up in your distractions for so long, and it has become your new normal. The new  “norm” is not comfortable because it is not who you are or even deeper down, who you wish to be.

Come back to yourself and listen to your song that has always been present. The song that has always wanted to be sung.

You say “I don’t know…”. We say, “trust and be patient.” No one has experienced profound growth in any area of their life without the quiet contemplation that occurs in stillness.

Recharge your energies by plugging into the Earth. Ignite your imagination by moving seats. As perceptions change, so do the possibilities. The state of Enlightenment sits above with the grandest view.

May you come to know your Divine Brilliance.
Aila, channeled by Vivian Osal

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New Meditation CD’s – Time to Get Your Zen On!

After many months of hard work, and years of experience, it is with the utmost delight I announce the release of my Meditation CD’s;  Multi-Dimensional Meditation and Healing the Inner Child.

My intention in creating these CD’s is to help you evolve your meditation practice, provide personal healing, growth, and guide you to attain higher levels of conscious awareness.

Multi-Dimensional Meditation
The Multi-Dimensional Meditation has been part of my personal practice for several years, and I have also taught it to a large number of clients who have given excellent feedback. Many have reported an awareness and activation of their energetic light body, increased psychic abilities and a greater sense of connection and oneness.

The intention for this meditation is for you to Align to Cosmic Mind for Manifestation, Spiritual Growth and Higher Consciousness. You will move through layers of reality, and come to understand the multidimensional aspects of your being. This meditation is for both the novice and advanced spiritual seeker.

Healing the Inner Child

For over a decade, one of my specialties in my private practice is regressing clients to do inner child healing work. I have found it to be one of the most powerful and transformative methods to help understand, heal and bring peace. I use this technique to shed light to the deeper shadows within, that would otherwise remain hidden and continue to interfere negatively in our adult life.

Healing the inner child and examining the past isn’t always easy, it can sometimes be a challenging experience. However, our “shadow” gives us the opportunity to illuminate the Light and integrated lasting wisdom and healing. You will be guided to care for the child within, give the younger you understanding, acceptance, and healing. By integrating your inner child, you will heal old wounds and experience positive changes in beliefs and behaviors in your present life.

Both CD’s are infused with carefully selected Solfeggio Healing Frequencies. These healing frequencies impart spiritual blessings and are considered powerful and distinctive tones that can help you find profound healing, energy balance, improve health and wellness.

The CDs are available for purchase online by clicking here.

It is my hope you thoroughly enjoy using either or both CDs just as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.

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Spring in Your Step

As I sit here drinking my cup of Chai tea, I look out over the landscape of the morning rush hour below me. The April rain lands on my small balcony like rhythms drumming in the long-awaited Spring weather. My thoughts are wandering, remembering how I’ve spent my winter mornings running on the treadmill strengthening my body and mind with each stride. As I enjoy the last sips of my tea, my mind then travels towards my longing to run along the natural trails of the forest, with my partner by my side and the odd sweet little dog distracting me from the burn in my legs and lungs.
Last year, I set out a goal to Enlighten myself – specifically how I carried my energy in my body and began working with an intuitive personal trainer. So much has changed since then. I now have a loving connection to how I look and feel about myself. Along the way, I also strengthened my muscles, lowered my body fat, and healed old wounds – experiencing a new level of vitality! Challenging myself to be in the conscious now has brought me to a thrilling understanding that I am riding the leading edge of my life! Recognizing I have a responsibility to engage my mind, body, heart, and spirit, has aroused me into the realm of exciting possibilities in my personal, physical, professional, and spiritual life!
Let me ask you right now. What are your goals this Spring? How are you going to define your leading edge?
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Channeled Message 01/31/17

Spirit asks you to identify what in your life is no longer serving you. What situation or person feels like it’s crushing your soul, leaving you feeling empty, or unsupported? Whether it is something big or small, begin to take (even) steps to align yourself on a path which is positive and supportive of you and what you wish to create.

Stand back, shift your perspective and examine the challenges before you. Recognize the situation you are in is a tremendous opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. Ask the question, “What are you here to teach me? What is beneath this pain/fear/stagnation?” Remember, at this time, you are experiencing an acceleration on what is manifesting in your life, pay close attention to your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as they are the catalyst for creation.

Archangel Michael asks you to go into meditation, quiet contemplation. In your mind’s eye, see the sun showering you with bright tiny specks of golden light. Breathe deeply and observe the transformation bathing you in Light. Can you believe how amazing you Are? Invite the golden energy to gather at your Solar Plexus’ and ripple throughout your whole body, spreading light rays in all directions. Don’t be afraid of being seen. Don’t be scared to listen to your inner voice and respond to your truth. Be who you are. Once you begin reconnecting to your essence,  you will experience life more fulfilling, more joyful, more peaceful, more loving and more authentic.

Be in Peace and Joy.

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Channeled Message 12/23/16

Life is beautiful. Spirit asks you to bring more beauty into your lives. Ideas to inspire you; buy fresh cut flowers, remove the clutter in your home, paint a single wall in your favorite colour. Next, look a little deeper, bring more brightness into your thoughts. Pay attention to your language, use high vibrational communication when speaking to yourself and others. Go ahead and switch the words you use and notice the difference when you express yourself using higher vibrational words. For example; a problem becomes a challenge, worry becomes I’m searching for a solution, and failure becomes a great learning experience.  Speak with kindness, understanding, and respect and your thoughts and emotions will reflect a new lightness of being.

Spirit ask us to be Peace and extend peace to others. Say farewell to arms, put down the ‘weapons’ and crumble the ‘walls.’ Stand boldly in your heart, vulnerable, love deeper. Give your heart permission to open and expand. Welcome Light to meet the dark, and in exchange Peace finds its home.

All is Well. Archangel Jeremiel offers us this message; “Everything is happening exactly as it supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand.” Trust yourself, trust the Divine current that flows beneath the surface of your awareness. Cosmic Intelligence tells us Peace is found when we allow the natural movement in our lives.

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How the Awareness of Feelings are Keys to Discovering Your Authentic Self

Everything in the universe has consciousness. Even every cell in your body, and because of this, it’s critical we pay attention to how we speak to ourselves because our spirit is always listening. Choosing to become aware of this enables us to move away from darkness and into lightness. This is the process of moving through spiritual awakening itself.

The definition of consciousness is: a state of being awake and aware of ones’ surroundings, awareness of the mind itself, and of the world. However, there is a subtle distinction between simply being aware of something, and what we call spiritual consciousness. In the spiritual sense, consciousness is the awareness of the infinite presence pulsating through our very existence.

The great majority of my work is my one-on-one sessions, I enjoy guiding clients to not only get in touch with their feelings, but also to be fully present of those feelings in order to heal and come to peace. For many, this is not always a comfortable process, especially if the emotions have been buried or denied for a very long time. However, it is necessary for one’s own spiritual growth and happiness. For when we bury our feelings, we are also denying parts of ourselves. Once I guide them to be fully present with their feelings, they are elevated to a higher conscious state to be free from judgement, attachment and expectations.

Spiritual consciousness is the awareness of the infinite presence pulsating through our very existence.

From this place, my clients have a bird’s eye view that gives them 360-degree access to understand the  emotional weight of their feelings. This enables them to reclaim and reconnect with the buried aspect of themselves, thereby allowing them to fully reclaim and heal their true authentic self.

Below are just a few of the many benefits one can experience when getting in touch with their feelings:

  1. You will learn who you are: Emotions guide you to the source of who you are. They are the raw data you need in order to understand needs and wants, and to navigate your life with a strong sense of direction and purpose.
  2. Releasing emotions help you heal: All our emotions have a purpose and they need to exist. They provide the compass necessary to heal from our pain and suffering, so we can move into a place of happiness and deeper understanding of self.
  3. When you allow emotions to flow you are able to move onto other experiences and emotions: When we supress and bottle up our emotions, we become numb to them and they get stuck in our physical bodies. When we don’t address them they fester beneath the surface until we are ready to be present with them. For example, if you have never explored your hurt feelings you cannot heal from them and they will affect your sense of self and interactions with others.
  4. Emotions alert you that something needs your attention: Emotions are our internal alarm system – flashing the lights that something needs to be addressed, before things get worse. When things do get worse and you haven’t been listening to your emotions, your body has much louder ways to get your attention such as through illness or pain.
  5. Emotions connect you to your soul wisdom: The releasing and healing of emotions are the pathway to spiritual consciousness. They allow you to experience yourself on a deeper level, connecting you to your true authentic self.

Once you have become aware of your feelings, you must learn to become a conscious observer of those feelings, so you can accept them and free yourself from their burdensome weight. In doing so you are free to become the fullest and purest expression of yourself. Below are some powerful techniques to help you do just that:

  • Acknowledge your feelings without repressing them.
  • Get out of your head! Intellectualizing your feelings keeps you on the exhaustive hamster wheel. Move into your heart instead.
  • Breathe. If everything else fails, just breathe. As emotions surface, take deep slow breaths and as you exhale move the feelings out.
  • Don’t judge your feelings, simply allow them to exist.
  • Ask yourself, “where do I feel the emotion(s) in my body?”
  • Feel the emotions and stay present with them even if they are painful or uncomfortable.
  • Don’t medicate. Consciously choose not to avoid your feelings by reaching for drugs, alcohol, television, over eating, etc. Don’t shut your feelings off.
  • Name your feelings. Expand your emotional vocabulary to clearly and accurately express what you’re feeling. “I feel sad, hurt, unsure, lonely, etc.”
  • Write down your feelings and express yourself in as much detail as you can.
  • Sit with your feelings. Allow yourself quiet time to contemplate. By observing the feeling, it will show you it’s source.
  • Respond appropriately to your feelings. Depending on what your feelings reveal, you may have to do some deeper work. You may need to do some forgiveness work. Perhaps you need to forgive others or forgive yourself. For help with this try this simple yet powerful prayer which I wrote about in a previous blog post.
  • Let it go. Once you’ve done the work to resolve it let it move through you.
  • Soul learning. Ask yourself “what did I learn about myself”?
  • Action. Ask yourself “is there something that I need to take action on”?
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Forgive and Be Free

For centuries, the South Pacific has been recognized by many as a magical paradise, filled with many ancient pearls of wisdom, rituals, teachings and healings that have been passed on from generation to generation. One of it’s greatest teachings is that everything that we perceive, whether it be positive or negative, is of our creation. And through forgiveness, we have the incredible power to change anything that we’ve created or perceive to be negative, and thus freeing us from the of pain and suffering that comes along with it.


I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

Pronounced ho-o-pono-pono, this ancient Hawaiian ritual has the power to change any circumstance. It is a ritual of healing and releasing that creates a profound peace with anyone or anything in your life. Even within yourself.

forgive others I have used this ritual many times in my practice to help clients heal from old hurts and resentments that have been plaguing their relationships, and have witnessed some truly powerful transformations. Clients tell me time and time again that they feel lighter and free, as though a huge burden has been lifted from them. Most of them even come to forgive the other person completely. And even when full forgiveness is not achieved right away, they find neutrality from which they can eventually find forgiveness.

To understand this ritual, one must first understand it’s origins. In many Polynesian cultures, it was and is still believed that a person’s transgressions (called hara or hala) lead to suffering. Some believe that the suffering was a result of the punishment of angry or malevolent God’s, or due to the guilt that one feels as a result of their transgressions. This suffering could come in many forms including mental, physical and emotional pain, and could be expressed both internally and externally. And when you ask for forgiveness of your transgressions, you release the punishment.

In its traditional form, the Ho’oponopono ritual was lead by an elder or medicine man, also know as the Kahuna. The elder or the Kahuna would bring individuals together, to state and discuss the transgressions that took place that caused the suffering that was asking to be healed. Each person would be heard and everyone’s feelings acknowledged to open the door for the forgiveness to take place. Once the forgiveness took place, everyone was released from the punishment of the transgression. Thus restoring the emotional, physical and mental harmony of all involved.

To witness the magic of this powerful ritual in more modern times, fast-forward to 30 years ago when Dr. Stanley Hew Len arrived as the new clinical psychologist at the Hawaii State Hospital. The hospital had a specialized ward for the criminally ill. These were people who had committed the most unspeakable crimes as a result of various acute mental disorders. The inmates of this ward were never brought outside for fear of what they would do. And the staff at the ward were terrified of the patients and felt the impact of working in such depressing and stressful environment. As a result, many of the staff suffered from anxiety and depression as well.

When Dr. Len arrived, everyone was cynical. Especially the staff. What each of them was thinking was what could this doctor possibly do to help the inmates and staff of this ward, that someone hasn’t already done before.

Well, in fact, he didn’t seem to do much of anything at all. Every morning, Dr. Len arrived with a cheerful disposition, took some of the inmate files and then closed himself in his office for the entire day. Never actually having met with any of the patients in person, he seemed to review every single one of their files one by one. And then slowly, things began to change.

The ward started to look and feel brighter. The inmates were appearing to be more docile and were starting to spend more and more of their time outdoors. There was a significant decrease in the amount of medication that was being administered at the ward, and some of the inmates were starting to be released. Even the staff was feeling better about being at work. Dr. Len continued to work there over the course of 4 years. By that time, only a few inmates had remained in the ward, and eventually, the ward had to close.

So what was it that Dr. Len did that was so different? How was it that he was able to bring such a significant positive change to an environment where so many had tried and failed before him? He was only using the Ho’oponopono ritual, to heal the part of him that created what he was experiencing at the ward.

For hours he would sit in his office, review file after file, connecting with each one of the inmate’s files on an intimate level until he could feel the pain himself. Then taking full responsibility for what he was experiencing, he used the Ho’oponopono ritual to bring forgiveness and release that creation.

How to Use the Ho’oponopono Ritual

For this ritual to be effective, you must first adopt the belief in which it was created. You must believe that everything that we perceive or experience is of our creation. There is nothing that is created outside of us. If we see someone or something that is upsetting to us, we must acknowledge that we created the seeing of that upset. We are responsible. Now this will be a difficult concept for many to accept, however, try and understand that this doesn’t mean that it’s our fault. This only means that we are responsible for healing the experience that we have created.

When using the powerful ritual of Ho’oponopono, use the following steps as a guide to ensure that you get the most out of the ritual. And then watch as the difficulties that you are experiencing are completely transformed.

  1.     Get calm and centered in a quiet and comfortable space where you will not be disturbed
  2.     Once you are there, think of a person or a situation that is brings you distress
  3.     Once you’ve tapped into that person or situation, use the prayer to forgive and release it: I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.
  4.     Continue repeating the prayer and feeling the words of the prayer being expressed from the deepest level within yourself.
  5.     Keep repeating it until you think you are done, and then do just a little bit more.
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What is Past Life Regression?

This is an interview by “Plenty The Magazine“. It was so much fun to talk about the exciting work I’m honoured and privileged to do, and to discuss how our past life experiences can be impacting us in the present, and the profound healing that can come from performing a Past Life Regression.

Many years ago, before I had children, I worked as a fifth grade teacher. Midway through the year, I arrived at school armed with a bust of Nefertiti, an oversized map of the Nile and a stack of books about King Tut ready to teach the eager 10 year-olds about the history and mystery of ancient Egypt.

About a week into the study, a young student grew fearful while viewing a movie about ceremonial burials. The next day she was absent from class and there was a message from her mother for me to contact her. When I called the mother I was not prepared for the conversation that ensued. She told me that her daughter is sensitive to the subject of ancient Egypt . . . because she had in a previous life been a young Egyptian boy in ancient times and had experienced a horrific death.

I am surprised that I didn’t drop the phone. I stammered that I understood (I did not) and that I would try to be supportive (um, how?) before hanging-up but for years after I was intrigued about what this mother had shared.

Fast forward to this month’s theme, Wonders & Curiosities, I finally had the perfect excuse to delve more into the idea of Past Life Regression.

When looking for an expert in past life regression and energy healing, I knew a simple Google search wouldn’t yield the results I wanted. I didn’t want to weed through schemers and opportunists. I wanted a respected practitioner. So when Jill England, a yoga teacher and energy healer, recommended Vivian Osal with the endorsement that she’s the best, I knew that I had found the one.

I arrived at Vivian’s office and took a seat in the waiting room. It’s a banal, generic waiting room complete with outdated magazines, poster art and plants. I was hoping to see an eccentric cast of characters adorned with flowing robes and smelling of incense all waiting to healed. Instead, sadly, everyone looked just like me – stuffed into winter coats and fumbling with ours phones while desperately avoiding eye contact. Continue Reading…

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“Happy Pill”

Don't fear ChangeThere are times we would do almost anything to find the ‘happy pill’, to instantly relieve the pain in our life. Fortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘happy pill’ and if we think we have found it, it is temporary. This is because life requires us to go deeper in order to see what is separating us from joy.  The ‘shadow’ in our life can be our greatest teacher on our evolving journey.

There is a common thread that runs through most of the pain. Once you begin to move through the layers of discomfort you will come to discover there is a disconnect between who you are or who you believe you are and who you wish to be. Coming to a place of happiness is ‘easier’, more fulfilling and with a quicker turnaround when you align body, mind and spirit in the healing journey. 

“Come to peace with the past,

live in the present, create your future” Vivian Osal

To begin the healing journey, it is critical to acknowledge where you are with a particular issue; the truth and nothing but the truth. That’s right, you may be able to fool others, but at the end of the day if you continue to fool yourself you will miss out. Once the issue is identified, move on to the critical step of examining beliefs and thoughts you express that support it. This means taking personal responsibility for your part in creating and maintaining the discontent in your life. Examine, observe the unhappiness from a conscious perspective, choose deliberate thoughts, beliefs and action to empower positive lasting change. It may not be easy at first, but stay committed to reprogramming your decisions. Change ‘the story’, stay present, awake and aware and make choices in life’s everyday moments that are supportive and positive for you.

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Spring Cleaning Our Selves

As spring has made its slow approach toward the Western hemisphere, the lightness of the season has me thinking about shedding not just parkas and heavy boots but all the other excess weight we carry—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Spring is the traditional season of in-depth cleaning for a reason: emerging from the extra layers of winter, we feel fresh, newly awakened, and ready to unburden ourselves of the literal and metaphorical clutter in our lives.

The belongings we own, the interactions we engage in, the activities we choose all reflect and contribute to a state of mind and being. Letting go of what doesn’t serve us creates space in our body, home, and heart for a state of being that is positive, life-affirming, and abundant.

When we create space, we raise our vibrational rate. It becomes so much easier to connect with the universal intelligence and the universal abundance that’s around us. We can more readily see and acknowledge the beauty in moments, in people, in things. Having more space—literal or not—allows for a clarity that’s hard to access when we’re dragged down by possessions, hyperactive thoughts, or a gloomy spirit.

Physical Decluttering

For many of us, it’s easiest to start decluttering on the physical level, because it’s tangible. I recommend going through each room in your home, examining every item in it, and asking yourself Is this important? Does this spark joy in me? Does it bring a sense of calm? Or is it past its expiry date?

If you find that the object in question is not useful to you, brings you no joy, or is not something that you can respect, this is the time to ask yourself Why is this in my life?

Look at the things around you as if they were alive, like a friend, respecting that everything has a function. Honour the possessions you choose to keep by creating a place for them. Instead of walking in at the end of the day and dropping your coat and purse at the entrance, for example, consider them with gratitude and respect: This coat kept me warm and this purse carried the belongings that supported me on my tasks throughout the day. By creating a specific place for them, and putting them there, you’re ensuring that your home environment is not random or haphazard. The lightness of streamlining and organizing belongings affects us well beyond the physical level. It not only keeps our homes tidier, it helps our minds stay settled and clear.

My mom is a clean freak, and the home I grew up in was immaculate. Her cleaning strategy was to start in one spot, clear it and then in a clockwise direction through each room and through our home, first tidying and then cleaning. Growing up, I didn’t appreciate her orderliness, but as an adult I use her method in my own home. If I look at the mess all at once I get overwhelmed, but if I pick a place to start, and if I have a direction, the task becomes ordered and doable.

Mental & Emotional Decluttering

On the mental and emotional level, clearing space means paying attention to what’s occupying your thoughts. If something is continuously running through your mind—anxiety about an upcoming event, preoccupation with a wound from your past—if it’s knocking on your mind’s door, it needs your attention. And it needs that attention in a conscious way, not just as a thought spinning around your mind.

Sometimes it’s best to get thoughts out of our heads by putting them on paper, then standing back, taking a breath, and making a decision. If it’s a wound from the past that’s weighing you down, that decision may be that you need to go speak to someone about it. Or, it may be that you’re ready to stop giving power to what happened to you. Either way, conscious attention to the problem can move it outside the hamster wheel of your mind to a place where you can do something about it and release it.

Meditation is another way of decluttering our minds. Meditation, very simply, is about breathing, being conscious of the inhalation and exhalation, and getting present with your body and yourself. There are many different types of meditation, but these principles are the basis of all types.

Putting a stop to procrastination is another higher-level means of decluttering. “I’ll get to it tomorrow” becomes a nagging obligation or unfulfilled desire that drains our psychic energy as we carry it around, waiting for something to happen. We want to be striving for lives where we make things happen, where we take or create what we want instead of keeping it on the back burner for “later.”

The internet, while an incredible vehicle of connection and information, also puts a lot of clutter into our minds and creates a wedge between us and other people. Consciously cutting back on time spent online, engrossed on social media, reading the news, watching videos, frees up mental space as well as time available for being active, exercising, calling or visiting friends, catching up for real instead of via text message or Facebook likes. We still require the human experience of interaction on a level deeper than 140 characters. Use the internet as a stepping stone toward that meaningful connection we all crave, but don’t let it become the extent of your connection.

Spiritual Decluttering

On the spiritual level, decluttering is less about eliminating what weighs you down and more about seeing what you can do to bring more joy and gratitude into your life. Joy and gratitude are the two main states of creating space. These, along with stillness and the presence of silence, are what will bring you a decluttered spirit. You can be so much in conscious presence that you experience stillness even at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor, with traffic flowing around you and crowds hustling by on the sidewalk. The spiritual is in being, not in doing.

As you dig out the spring jackets and pack away those winter boots, I encourage you to look for deeper ways that you can free your home, your mind, and your spirit of unwanted weight. Allow the fresh wind and sunshine of spring to inspire you to create space for the clarity and abundance that are waiting.

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