Meditation & Channeling Evening

Peace * Calm * Clarity

You are invited to join a wonderful group of like-hearted individuals and experience the blissful state of Present Moment Awareness.

The evening will begin with a discussion, several guided meditations and then lead into the channeling. 

You will learn to connect with your breath, clear your mind and be in the present Now in your life. During the course of the evening you will be guided to access your higher-self for deeper insight. 

Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduce Fear, Anxiety and Depression
  • Increase Creativity, Memory and Work Performance
  • Reduce Chronic Pain, Heart Disease, Weight
  • Strengthen Motivation, Attention and Self Confidence
  • Develop Peace, Intuition and Deeper Understand of Self

Previous  meditation experience is not required, all are welcome to attend.

Dates: Click here to view the ‘Calendar of Events’ for dates and availability

Time: 6:30 pm to 9 pm. Doors will open at 6pm and will close at 6:30pm – please arrive before the start time.

RSVP: Group size is limited, please indicate which date(s) you will be attending. Contact me to reserve your place. You will be sent an email confirming you attendance.

Location: 120 Eglinton Ave E 6th Floor – click for details

Preparation: Come with an open heart and mind. In deep states of meditation the body temperature sometimes cools, bring a shawl or sweater. It’s advised to eat a light dinner before attending the meditation, so a grumbling tummy will not distract your meditation.

Admission: $20 – Space is limited. Payment is required in order to reserve your space for the evening.

If you prefer to learn to meditate in a private setting, one on one sessions are available, click for more information.

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