Grandmother, Eagle, White Cloud and Great Bull

I could not have imagined the experience that I had with Sarah during her Reiki sessions.

I walked over to the massage table and from out of nowhere an eagle was flying behind me, by the time that I reached the foot of the table he had landed on my shoulder – I was completely aware of his claws on my right shoulder. I felt as though I was out of my body, watching him fly – full wingspan and land on me… I remember thinking “Oh, my gosh – this is awesome!” The session begins, the vibrations are very strong, while I’m holding my hands at Sarah’s head another crystal clear impression comes through, its her grandmother, she is singing and very gently tapping a drum – I can see and hear her. The session runs for almost one hour, I vaguely remember moving around Sarah’s body, I know that I was there physically in the room, but the rest of me wasn’t.

Our second Reiki session begins – I take a moment to ground myself and connect, instantly I feel the room “fill-up”, its as if hundreds of people have walked in. I then feel a presence standing behind me and it “straightens” me up – straight spine, shoulders back and chin up. I walk over to the table and the session begins. My hands hovered above Sarah’s eyes, there’s a sensation of intense throbbing. I then sat down and gently place my hands on top of her head, the throbbing continued. In my minds eye a man steps forward and tells me his name is White Cloud, we greet one another. Then he asks if he can step in, I agree and in that instant my body experiences a powerful jolt, I open my eyes but Sarah doesn’t seem to notice. The next moment that I remember, I am standing on her left side with my hands gently touching her shoulder and hand. From my head down to my stomach I feel myself changing, my head is that of a bull, I am a bull … this sensation lasts for about 10 long seconds. I am in awe! The rest of session continues just like the first, I feel physically in the room, but the rest of me wasn’t.