Healing Begins in Your Heart

There are events that take place in our lives that challenge us to examine what we have chosen to believe about ourselves, our world and the people around us. Moments of pain can be our true teachers. No one wants to feel sadness, fear, loneliness, frustration or any other heavy emotion for any extended period of time, but, if we take the opportunity to get out of our minds and listen to what our hearts are whispering to us, very quickly things can change

“It is the heart that always sees, before the head can see.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

To move into the space of transformation, stand consciously present with the pain. This means, viewing the situation from a new perspective, with clear eyes and an open mind. For a moment, detach yourself from the emotional roller-coaster, and move into a neutral place within the mind.  It is from this conscious, fully aware state we can begin to process what has happened, while at the same time create a connection with our hearts. Our hearts speak from a place of love, light and truth and in order to hear what our hearts are saying we must quiet the judgemental and fearful mind.

The human heart was designed with powers of renewal and healing. Engaging our hearts assist us to release the stress that is restricting our lives. We cannot change what we have experienced in the past, but we can choose to change the energies we carry from our past so they no longer influence our futures.

Whatever the past has been, you have a spotless future.

Once we choose to move towards healing, we recognize there are adjustments to be made within our physical bodies, environment, relationships, emotions, energy systems, and beliefs.  The approach to these changes require a rebalancing; a harmonious communication.  When the heart and mind are in harmony then the whole body and mind adapts to life’s stress and heals easier and allows for miracles to occur. We are “forever beings”, creating in harmony with the Universal Intelligence; let us not forget who we are.