Home is Where the Heart Is

I’ve begun the new year in search of a new home. This has me thinking a lot about change and the trust it requires. If you’re facing a life transition, or have in the past—a move, a new job, a new relationship or the ending of an old one—you know they demand a huge amount of trust. Trust that everything will unfold just as it needs to in order to support you. Trust that when you step, the road will meet you, and it will be the right road.

This trust is something I’ve learned over time through the work that I do. It’s certainly been a journey to build that trust, and it didn’t happen overnight, but I can now say that I experience it fully in my life. And as I face the challenges of giving up one home and searching for another, I’m seeing again and again how trust transforms a potentially stressful and anxiety-inducing process into one that is free and exciting.

One question I ask in client sessions when we’re looking at grounding and foundation issues is, “Where are the cracks in your foundation?” Our home, the place where we live our personal lives, is essential to our grounding, and in order for me to do the deep emotional and spiritual work I do with my clients, it’s crucial for me to have a happy, solid foundation. When I asked myself this question—“where can I identify cracks?”—the answer that became clear was that I needed a new start in a new physical dwelling.

And so I’m acting on this inner knowledge. The last couple months I’ve looked at dozens of apartments. It’s an exhausting process, one that has not yet led me to my new home. But I’m not at all discouraged. All those wrong apartments have crystallized the elements that are really important to my grounding in my new home—the location, the layout, the quiet street. I’m being mindful about where I will grow my new roots, and seeing what I don’t want has been essential to this. I’m more excited than ever about finding my new home.

Are you undergoing change in 2015? How is life calling upon you to trust in its unfolding?