Live Your Truth

A couple of weeks ago I had a client, let’s call him David, contact me to make an hypnosis appointment, he shared that he had been in talk therapy for about a year and his therapist suggested he might try using hypnosis to stop his compulsion to lie. The habit of lying about small and big things was affecting his relationships, particularly the intimate relationships in his life. David had come to the end of his rope, ready to take responsibility and change.

I must admit I was very excited to start working with David, he is the type of client that I want to see in my office – individuals who are sick and tired of being sick and tired with their situation and ready to CHANGE. During our pre-talk, I learned a bit about his family structure and an overview of his intimate relationships over the course of his life. There was a theme emerging, I didn’t mention anything but I was very curious to see what would his subconscious mind show as the source.

I guided David into the Ultra-Height® hypnosis state, taught to me by Gerald Kein. When I regressed him to the cause/beginning of his lying, there came forth this young voice, David as a little five year old boy. He lied to his mom about spending money on a toy from the change that was left over from the milk money, this was a very emotional experience for him. I guided the adult David to work with the little boy, comfort him and apologize to his mom. During this process he experienced the bad feelings that he felt for lying, but he also experienced the great pride when he went back and apologized to his mother.

Fast forward a couple of years in the regression and David came to another major event where he lied to his mother again. He had been chasing the family dog inside the house and in the midst of running around David knocked over his mom’s vase. When she confronted him, he blamed his dog of breaking the vase, but his mom was insistent, she knew that it was not the dog. He defended his position, even though he knew it was him who did it. Again, David experience the pain of the event and I guided him to speak to the seven year old and together go back to his mom and apologize and take full responsibility for what he did and for getting angry at her for not believing him. Once that event was resolved we moved forward in time again, this time David experienced being on the receiving end. His father lied to him about what had happened to the family dog. This was a deeply painful for David to experience this event, but he was able to recognize that all the lies that he had told were also very painful to the special people in his life. Once we finished the regression I spent time in direct suggestion and had him model truthful ways of being.

There were many powerful feelings during this session; once he was emerged he felt the tremendous weight that had lifted off his shoulders. David was radiating, smiling from ear to ear, he said he could feel something very different inside of his body and mind, a significant shift. He was so excited to leave my office and starting living his life from a place of pride, confidence, self-respect and truth.

Dec 16/09:
Message received from client:

“Good morning Vivian,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the session and services, you have helped me tremendously I feel I have a more positive outlook on life and I haven’t had any urge to lie about anything. Thank you.
PS. it was also a great pleasure to meet you.”