Past Life Regression Workshop


past_life_regressionDuring the workshop I will guide you to regress to a life that was most beneficial to you.  You will be guided to take note of the qualities you possessed which lead you to live an exceptional life.  You will then integrate the learning/wisdom of that life and bring it forth into this life.  I will guide you to transcend to deeper levels of yourself in order to release emotional wounds, patterns that are holding you back in this life.

A Past Life Regression will help you

uncover the most fascinating parts of who you are.

Experiencing a Past Life Regression will have a tremendous positive ripple effect in the days, weeks and even months after the workshop.  You will experience very conscious moments of deep insights as the new awareness begins to assimilate into who you are in your everyday life.

You will be guided into a deep hypnotic state, where you will experience a heighten sense of awareness, while at the same time moving into a previous life.  You will be guided to “watch” the events as they unfold.  It’s a fascinating experience!

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Date: Saturday May 11, 2013

Time: 1pm to 5pm

Location: 120 Eglinton Ave E. 6th Floor.  Main intersection: Yonge St and Eglinton Ave

Registration Fee: $120 + HST

Full payment is required to reserve your seat.  Space is limited to 14 participants.


A private Past Life Regression is $220 for 2 hours, click for more information or contact me to set up an appointment.

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