Protect Yourself From Negative Energy


The most common question I am asked in my practice is, “how do I protect myself from people who drain my energy?” You know what it’s like, a friend who does not stop complaining, nothing is ever good enough, and everyone is out to get them. Or the colleague who talks non-stop, doesn’t take a breath to allow you to engage in the conversation; they love being at the centre of it all. When you finally walk away, you notice you feel exhausted and drained. Not only does your energy level go down, but your mood has changed, maybe even feeling particularly negative yourself.

Protecting ourselves from negative energy requires us to own and strengthen our energy and not give our personal power away.  We play a role in teaching others how to treat us.  The techniques in the video will work to increase your vibrational rate, which will assist to calm, strengthen, ground and centre your energy field.