Crystal Pyramid for Healing and Manifesting

Vivian Osal | Quartz Crystal Pyramid

I’m so excited to share that I’m now incorporating the amazing tool of sound healing into my practice. Over the years, I’ve had personal sessions with gifted sound healers, experiences that marked a dramatic shift in my whole being and brought about a new level of alignment of my body, mind and spirit.

And when I had the opportunity to experience the healing power of a Singing Quartz Crystal Pyramid, I couldn’t get enough! Its resonance stayed within me for days, anchoring the harmonizing alignment of mind, body and spirit. It increased my overall vibration and opened my third-eye to a new level. I experienced deeper feelings of peace and joy.

I have since begun using the power of the Quartz Crystal Pyramid with my clients to “laser focus” manifestation. The results have been astounding. So much so that I have created a new specific Manifestation session where I incorporate the Crystal Pyramid to clear energy blocks, activate the client’s third-eye and guide them into the space of creation. The pyramid acts as a generator, amplifying the energy of intentions to manifest.

The Crystal Pyramid has been shown to increase healing, energy clearing and energizing benefits when used during an Integrated Session, Manifestation Session, Reiki and a Chakra Clearing energy session. Sound healing from the Crystal Pyramid works on the cellular level to release blocks within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

What is A Quartz Crystal Pyramid?

A Crystal Pyramid is made of 99.9% clear quartz crystal, which resonates with the power of sacred geometry to create a transformative sound. It has that high vibration, transformative sound, and light crystalline feel you get from a Crystal Singing Bowl, with similar healing qualities and characteristics but its own unique combination of harmonics. Experiencing the Crystal Pyramid during a healing session is electrifying and transcendent. Its resonance is simply mesmerizing, almost hypnotic, a sound that entrances.

Benefits of Healing with Crystal Quartz Pyramid

  • Reduces Pain
  • Shortens Healing Time
  • Reduces Stress
  • Opens 3rd Eye
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Clears Your Mind
  • Restores Energy and Balance
  • Focuses Energy for Manifestation
  • Aligns and Strengthens Mind, Body and Spirit

What Clients have to say…

Dear Vivian,

My experience with your crystal pyramid today was quite profound. Within a couple of minutes of you passing it over my chakras I entered a calm and deeply meditative state. The sound is both tranquilizing and transformative especially as it spun over my third eye and heart chakra.

The sacred sound of the quartz crystal activated vivid memories of another lifetime in Lemuria which felt very healing to me. Thank you for bringing this amazing healing tool into my session today. It amplified and resonated beautifully with your powerful and intuitive healing abilities. ~ S.B.

My first experience with the crystal pyramid was completely unexpected.  Better said, I did not know what to expect!  The sounds and vibrations are beautiful.  May I even say it sounded and felt magical?

After a few minutes I felt calm and centred. My whole body was gently moving back and forth, resonating with the vibrations. It’s truly a very special piece and to have it part of my healing session made all the difference.

Thank you Vivian, for introducing the crystal pyramid into my session and allowing me to have a new and beautiful experience. ~ S.G.