Reiki, What It Can Do For You

Reiki means Universal Life force energy or God conscious energy. Reiki is used to remove energy ‘blocks’ within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.  My role during a client session is to create the space for Reiki energy to move through. I hold this space within my body, mind and spirit, the energy is not coming from me.  I am not ‘taking’ from the client and the client is not ‘taking’ energy from me.  Reiki vibrates on a frequency of Love and Light, it’s heart centred, green ray energy that progresses through the body’s chakra system to clear and balance, thus moving the client into alignment of their mind, body and spirit.

The great majority of my Reiki clients come to see me because of the instant relief that they experience during and after a Reiki session, the effect lasts for about 3 days. A session runs for about an hour and the client experiences moving into a very deep state of relaxation. I often refer to this as a ‘sleep, awakening’ state, because the client is neither fully asleep nor completely awake – it can be quite a joyous, blissful and spiritual state.  Many people describe feeling a glowing radiance around them during the actual session or a feeling of floating outside of their bodies.  It’s also common for clients to ‘see’ colours, images and receive messages from their higher self or spirit guides during the session.

Reiki energy is a gentle yet powerful and effective form of alternative medicine that aids in balancing the body’s energy system. By moving the mind, body and spirit into balance, the result is an increase of vibration within the body, which naturally promotes relaxation and healing. When relaxation is achieved, many other wonderful benefits are experienced; such as calming of the mind, increased vitality/immunity, reduced anxiety and depression, pain management and deep restful sleep.

If in the past you have used massage as a form of stress relief, then the benefits from a Reiki session will be remarkable. This is not to suggest that if you have been dealing with extreme stress over a long period of time, that one Reiki session will be your ‘magic pill’.  However by the second and third session individuals in difficult life situations do begin to feel Reiki’s full effects. Everyone’s experience is quite unique, but at the end of the treatment you will feel extremely relaxed and refreshed with a more positive, balanced outlook on life.  Shifting into a space of calm and clarity, strengthens the foundation of our lives to make better choices in our everyday life.

Some of you may be thinking, “I can’t relax that deeply, it’s not going to work for me!” In my practice, over the last 10 years I’ve had exceptional success with guiding individuals into a deep state of relaxation. Clients are asked to come to the session with an open mind, an open heart and to set the intention to release what no longer serves them; without expectation, attachment and judgement.

If you are interested you can learn how to do Reiki on yourself and others, Reiki energy is available to all who wish to connect.  Attending a Reiki Level I course, you will be attuned/initiated to Reiki energy, you will be taught the Reiki history/principles, the chakra system, how to feel/see energy and the hand positions to give yourself and others a Reiki session.  Since I have been in practice for 10 years, I also enjoy sharing relevant stories of individuals and how Reiki has benefited them.