Meditation – Getting Started

Find a quite place for the next few minutes where you will not be disturbed. It is best to listen to the meditation using earphones.  A meditation practice came bring about profound shifts in experience and in your approach to life.

Guidelines to get you started:

  • Minimize all distractions; TV, phones, etc
  • If you have a limited time, use a timer to bring you back to conscious awareness
  • Sit in a quite comfortable position
  • Use your breath to calm your mind and body.
  • You are an observer, watching your body, watching your mind.
  • Observe your body and mind without expectation, judgment or attachment.
  • If you become distracted, that is OK, simply bring your awareness back to your breath.

The Healing Power of Presence Meditation

This five minute audio recording guides you through present moment awareness. Begin to reprogram how you experience moments in your life Now.

Click here to listen




Download this meditation recording to your computer:

Internet Explorer:
Right click on the above link and select ‘save target as’

Firefox or Chrome:
Right click on the above link and select ‘save link as’

Right click on the above link and select ‘download link as’

A ‘Save As’ window will open, save the file in a folder, so that you may listen to the file
from your computer or transfer the file to your mp3 player/ipod.

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