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What to Expect During a Hypnotherapy Session

Every situation will be treated differently. Most issues can be dealt with just two sessions, some in one session and other people will require a few more. It will really depend on how many contributing issues are uncovered creating the unwanted symptoms. When multiple causes are uncovered, the work isn’t any harder, there’s just more of it to do. Be assured that my commitment to you is to help you succeed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

During the initial Hypnosis consultation I will review your needs and goals, followed by an explanation of how hypnosis can help you achieve your goal and then we will move into the transformation work in hypnosis.

Your comfort is extremely important. You will have the option to either have your session sitting in a chair or laying down on a massage table. Dress very comfortably, choose clothes that are not constricting.

If you wear contact lenses its advisable that you remove them prior to the hypnosis session, this will be more comfortable for you since there are long periods of eye closure.

Working Together

In order to achieve your best possible outcome, we need to agree to collaborate. My role in this partnership is to use all of my skills and expertise to get you the results that you came in for.

Your role in this partnership is to be 100% committed toward achieving your goal and to accept all the instructions/suggestions given without analyzing or rationalizing, but simply to follow the directions given to you…to the letter. Hypnosis is a powerful locomotive and the suggestions that you are given will form the tracks that will lead you to your success.

Before You Come in for Your Hypnosis Session

Prior to attending your hypnosis session I advise listening to the free Deep Hypnotic Relaxation MP3 that you will receive when you sign-up for my newsletter (found on the home page). For individuals that require an extra bit of assistance in ‘letting go’ I would suggest my more comprehensive deep hypnotic recording “Create Now….Create Here” (found on the product page). Both recordings are an excellent way to get comfortable using hypnosis before coming to a formal hypnotherapy session, if possible listen to the recording at least 2 times prior to your scheduled appointment.

I invite you to read the FAQ page, to further your understanding of hypnosis. Feel free to bring in any questions that you may have to your session.

Medical Referral

Referrals are required for anyone who is seeking assistance with an issue that has been medically diagnosed.
Click for more information.

Hypnosis Application

Hypnosis allows for communication directly with the subconscious, and allows for positive changes because the subconscious does not judge or analyze. Click to view an extensive list of the many applications of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy Session Fees

The Hypnosis consultation is approximately 2 hours.

Results achieved through hypnosis depend greatly on the client’s serious participation and their true desire to create positive life lasting change. Long standing issues may require more than one session, commitment to the process is required for lasting results.
For example, Weight Management clients who have had a long-standing problem or need to drop more than one size are asked to commit to 3 sessions.
Smoking Cessation clients should consider approximately 2 sessions.
Contact me discuss situation and setup an appointment.

Hypnotherapy Session Fees

Hypnosis Consultation – $220
2 hour Session


Hypnosis Consultation
Prepay 3 2hr Sessions $600

Save $60


* When you prepay for 3 sessions, you have the choice of using all
3 sessions for yourself or sharing the sessions with friends and family.
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