Ultra Height®

In my hypnosis practice I utilize the Ultra-Height® technique developed by Gerald Kein, Director of the Omni Hypnosis Training Center in Deland, Florida. Ultra-Height® is an powerful method in achieving rapid results with an amazing variety of issues. Some of the most serious and difficult problems that the client and the hypnotherapist face have been successfully dealt with using Ultra-Height® Hypnosis.

Ultra-Height® is a magnificent and amazingly blissful and deeply serene level for healing. Once in this fascinating state of mental alertness, the client is guided to become aware of their natural self-healing abilities. They can without difficulty obtain insight to their physical, mental and emotional issues. This extraordinary heighten state of awareness offers the client the capability to find the source cause of their problem, as well as knowledge to best correct the issue.

Client Centred Approach
Ultra-Height® is the most relaxed of hypnotic states. While the body settles into this peaceful level, the mind is lightly guided up to the superconscious level. This gives the client a front-row view of their subconscious mind and the beliefs and perceptions that are blocking their way. The client’s own wisdom – not the hypnotherapist – guides them in reprogramming their subconscious mind with a more positive perception, in fact, the client does not have to share their findings if they choose not to – the hypnotherapist will serve as a guide and hold the space for client.

To experience this divine state, contact me to setup an appointment.

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