Channeled Message 12/23/16

Life is beautiful. Spirit asks you to bring more beauty into your lives. Ideas to inspire you; buy fresh cut flowers, remove the clutter in your home, paint a single wall in your favorite colour. Next, look a little deeper, bring more brightness into your thoughts. Pay attention to your language, use high vibrational communication when speaking to yourself and others. Go ahead and switch the words you use and notice the difference when you express yourself using higher vibrational words. For example; a problem becomes a challenge, worry becomes I’m searching for a solution, and failure becomes a great learning experience.  Speak with kindness, understanding, and respect and your thoughts and emotions will reflect a new lightness of being.

Spirit ask us to be Peace and extend peace to others. Say farewell to arms, put down the ‘weapons’ and crumble the ‘walls.’ Stand boldly in your heart, vulnerable, love deeper. Give your heart permission to open and expand. Welcome Light to meet the dark, and in exchange Peace finds its home.

All is Well. Archangel Jeremiel offers us this message; “Everything is happening exactly as it supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand.” Trust yourself, trust the Divine current that flows beneath the surface of your awareness. Cosmic Intelligence tells us Peace is found when we allow the natural movement in our lives.