The Healing Power of Presence

Meditation GroupWhat does present moment awareness have to do with manifesting happiness in your life? Fortunately, it has everything to do with it! This may sound obvious, but if we stop and consider for a brief instant, all our future moments originate from this present moment. By being mindful of the present moment, it allows us to recognize the power and excellence of NOW.

When we are in the present NOW, we are nowhere else. In presence there is awareness, the only way not to be present is to think your way out of ‘now’. In my practice, I have found an interesting correlation, individuals that allow their minds the constant free reign of thoughts to the illusions of the past or the infinite future possibilities, find it very difficult not only to be calm and focused, but find it extremely arduous to communicate what makes them happy in their life. These individuals are in a constant state of seeking and not being.

“If we aspire for a future with moments filled with abundance and happiness,
it’s imperative we find a way in the present moment to feel abundant and happy,
for this is how the Universal law of attraction works.” – Vivian Osal

It’s reasonable to say that stepping into ‘happiness’ is easier said than done. We must recognize that if we are inclined to bring more joy into our lives, it will require refining our beliefs and habits that are in contradiction to our desires – some that are deeply ingrained into our being. By aligning ourselves in the trajectory of living a brilliant life, we move further and further away from deep-seated beliefs and habits attached to pain and fear and closer to joy and freedom. Not an ‘easy’ task, but when we take a look at the alternative, realignment for the benefit of more bliss makes unquestionable sense.

To experience the healing power of presence and the many resulting benefits, it requires us not to run away from the dreaded fear of silence. It is in this silence, we are able to appreciate without distraction the magnificent beauty that is within us. Mindfully observing the present here and now, brings us to the truth that the Now is the only thing that absolutely exists. Be present when you brush your teeth, pour a glass of water, speak to your friend, wait for the light to change at the intersection etc. Cultivate present moment awareness in all your moments.

The simplest technique to anchor you to the present moment is to become aware of your breathe. Begin by becoming aware of your body’s automatic function of breathing in and out. You can try it right now; observe yourself breathing the next ten breaths. Any thoughts that may enter your mind, just watch them come in and drift away. Be a witness only to your breathe without the critical factor of expectation, judgment or attachment to what you are experiencing. Nothing is more important in this very moment than being mindfully present with your breathe.

I have created a five minute meditation to guide you through present moment awareness. Listen to it when you get up in the morning, before your go to sleep or anytime during the day you have a few quiet minutes and begin to powerfully reprogram how you experience moments in your life.

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The Healing Power of Presence Meditation

Starting in February, I will be hosting a mediation group that meets every other week. I invite you to come out join a small group of like minded individuals wishing to live with mindful presence in their lives. Click for more information.